The Thriving Child Summit

The Thriving Child Summit

In the past few years since I’ve had children, I have studied several parenting theories and approaches that I felt were close to my values and thinking. Among these are RIE, the win-win approach by dr. Gordon, non-violent communication, ideas by Laura Markham. Despite all my efforts, however, positive and lasting effects on my relationship with the kids were lingering somewhere, outside of sight. That is until I discovered the Hand in Hand parenting organization, created and inspired on an active, day-to-day basis, by Patty Wipfler. With support from a team of well-trained parents (part of which I am hoping to become next year), Patty proposes 5 outstandingly simple and efficient tools to turn family relationships into healthy ones, for conflict resolution and problem solving.

Recently, Patty has become involved in a new, free online event for parents: The Thriving Child Summit. Since Hand in Hand and Patty’s ideas have changed my life for the better, immediately and thoroughly, I’ve automatically enrolled to this event that Patty is supporting. And I’m telling you about it here 🙂

The summit takes place between 1st and 10th of October and if you subscribe to it, you will receive notifications and access to the interviews and offered bonuses. Most of the discussion topics are very interesting for me and I’m especially keen on listening to new ideas and scientific discoveries about how to support your child to stay healthy without over-medicating, effects of gluten on the body, kids’ anxiety and depression and, of course, Patty’s interview.

If you subscribe to the event and view some of the interviews, I would be very glad to read your opinions and if/how they helped you.


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